Back again

So, here I am again. The impending demise of Google+ has led me to search out a new place for posting long-form content and collections of interesting links. There are some promising alternatives out there, but I realised that mostly what I wanted was the ability to log stuff that I’ve read and done over the course of a week somewhere that I can come back and reference later.

So, here I am again. I have some ideas for longer form posts, which will probably be pretty irregular/infrequent. However, the intention is also to post two “regular” posts a week:

  • A collection of interesting links that I’ve read over the week, hopefully with a brief summary of what I’ve taken away from each of them.
  • A list of noteworthy things I’ve done that week, tech-related or otherwise1.

Time will tell if I’m able to successfully keep up a reasonable work rate. Here’s a start.

  1. This practice is called “writing snippets” at Google. Longer post coming. ↩︎